“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort”

Minister of Happiness


A Minister of State in the UAE cabinet, which looks after the plans, programs and policies to achieve a happier society. Last month, during World Government Summit in Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid announced the Minister of State for happiness will be responsible for the align & drive government policy to build social good & satisfaction. UAE’s minister for happiness, Ohood Al Roumi says about what she is trying to achieve in her time of office in terms of happiness. For the people of UAE, happiness is very important. She herself is a positive person and chooses to be happy everyday pushing her limits, remaining motivated which gives a sense of responsibility. The optimistic approach towards life is what keeps her going.

Happiness Park

Happiness Park promotes exercise, entertainment and thus sustainability, opened by the Minister for happiness. It is equipped with a range of workout machines which changes kinetic energy into electricity.

The park is named Al Sadda which also promotes women’s role in achieving happiness through social, physical, educational & entertainment factors for the community. This supports Dubai to be a smart city & home for happy, empowered & content people. Sport must be the everyday routine of every member of society as well as the lifestyle people live and practice daily, because it helps in refining a person’s soul, body and behavior.


Happiness Meter Portal


Happiness portal is inspired by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, UAE Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai; to not only make Dubai the smartest city, but also the happiest city in the world. He has implemented the Initiative of Happiness Meter to measure the happiness of citizen of Dubai, its residents and visitors especially when they interact with Dubai Government services. Happiness meters are installed at most of the government entities & are connected to a core network which is operated by Smart Dubai Government Establishment. It will analyze the meters and send regular reports to Dubai Executive Council by identifying the happiest and most satisfied with their services geographical and government zones.

New Happiness City

This supports Dubai to be a smart city & home for happy, empowered & content people. This week, Dubai revealed its plans for the world’s first “city of happiness” which means a city created fully around its resident’s happiness. Dubai South welcome you to the City of You, to be part of a re-invented urban ecosystem & experience, for the first time, a city which is designed primarily on the happiness and well-being of its people, having the aim of giving solutions for everyday living. A whole city built around happiness might sound like a grand project, but in UAE, it makes sense.


Dubai Happiness Index


The UAE is currently ranked on 28th number in terms of the happiest country in the world, according to last year’s UN World Happiness Report. The countries which bagged the top three slots are Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland. The UAE was the happiest country in the region according to the same.